About Us

Kutesmart is a one-stop apparel manufacturer and business solutions provider.

We are a leading provider of premium apparel solutions, helping tailors, fashion brands and e-commerce platforms to build a profitable business by providing fully customizable garment solutions tailored for their end-users, as well as comprehensive marketing and sales solutions.

Kutesmart has a database with a huge choice of fabric and design patterns, allowing us to provide you with new trend-focused designs, released monthly.



What We Provide

An intuitive and comprehensive customization ordering platform.
Quickest turn-around time in the industry, with a 7-day lead time.
No MOQ limit.
Mass-order volume capacity – our factory can satisfy huge scale orders.
Fully customizable packaging. Brand printing on apparel. Professional logistics.
All types of ordering set ups for different business requirements, including MTO, MTM or RTW.
Premium product quality achieved with China’s first intelligent apparel automatic production line, allowing for mass-scale bespoke production, whilst retaining high-quality standards.

What We Lead In

Powerful and easy-to-use customization ordering platform:
With billions of customization choices and a visual interface, the customization process is fast, convenient, and allows you to rest assured of the end result. Order status and end-customers are traceable directly through the customer management tool, taking the stress out of logistics, so you can focus on what’s important.
CAD design and automatic pattern manufacturing system:
Advanced data-driven design and pattern-making system that processes design patterns quickly and accurately.
Fabric suppliers:
Over the past 25 years, we have built extensive relationships with all of the world's best fabric suppliers and can easily add provide fabrics from new suppliers if needed.

Catering to Different Business Models

Kutesmart provides flexibility in its service and can cater to many different types of business models. We can provide Made-to-Measure items, whereby each single garment is manufactured with measurements specific to an individual customer, as well as Made-to-Order, which are small (or large) batches of custom designs.
Kutesmart also has an extensive Ready-to-Wear collection, so you can start proving your customers with ready-made designs immediately.
New RTW designs are released monthly, giving you flexibility in your offering to your customers.
Kutesmart can also provide a combination of all three of these services that align with your business model and business needs. Kutesmart is flexible and focuses on agile practices, to help complement your business’ core strengths.


Product Planning

Kutesmart helps you in getting started and providing quality to garments to your customers by helping you plan your collection. Our team helps to analyze your market, what is trending and what will sell. With our database of dozens of fabrics and cuts, our team can provide extensive design plans. With our comprehensive ordering platform and China’s first intelligent apparel manufacturing line, taking the product from conception to life has never been easier nor quicker.

Marketing and Sales Integration

Kutesmart is unique in the extent of its offering in terms of marketing and sales support. We provide extensive marketing materials, including digital books, infographics, high quality photography, model shooting, and videos, that help you generate sales with ready-to-go media for use on your website and your social media.
Kutesmart also leads with its digital measuring and ordering tools for use directly by your customers. We provide an integrated platform that your customers can use to order directly on your site, helping streamline the ordering process.  The comprehensive marketing and sales tools we provide takes the burden and cost out of your marketing and sales budget, so you can focus on your core capabilities.

Our Services

Our dynamic and globally-minded teams located in Qingdao, New York, and Singapore provide a professional and flawless service.
The New York office focuses on North American customers and provides multiple services, including:
Sample set services for your store – try before you commit.
Product consulting in terms of ordering, designing, returns, and more.
Regular live streaming every month, introducing new product collections.