22 SS' Label • U

The uniqueness of Label•U derives from its unisex design, inspired by the classic and time-honored male suit that still accentuates the feminine body shape with its exquisite quality tailoring and fit. Label•U does not flaunt a logo but is easily recognizable for its superior quality.

Not available on the mainstream market, the brand answers the unique needs and desires of the high-value woman. Mixing the classic craftsmanship of the male suit, updated to fit the modern-day woman, Label•U brings timeless elegance to today’s contemporary woman.

This season's releases feature three collections under the Label•U brand, each embodying a different aesthetic.


The New York City collection is not afraid of flamboyance, whilst boasting a sexy aesthetic. Show off your extravagant side whilst exuding a sexy sophistication. 



    Fashion Week in Milan

    Fashion Week in Milan collection is for the woman who seeks calmness and harmony, with patterns harking back to the 70s yet updated for the modern woman. The colors in this collection are focused on earthy hues and browns, which are natural yet sophisticated.





    Le journal de PARISIENNE

    Le journal de PARISIENNE collection is an ode to both the powerful, boxy shoulder style of the 80s and the casual and chic style of the 90s. This collection strives for a genderless interpretation of what it means to be sexy and strong, with an oversize fit in both bold and subdued colors. The collection focuses on the strong woman who is both chic and aims for casual sophistication.