The uniqueness of Label•U derives from its unisex design, inspired by the classic and time-honored male suit that still accentuates the feminine body shape with its exquisite quality tailoring and fit. Label•U does not flaunt a logo but is easily recognizable for its superior quality.

Not available on the mainstream market, the brand answers the unique needs and desires of the high-value woman. Mixing the classic craftsmanship of the male suit, updated to fit the modern-day woman, Label•U brings timeless elegance to today’s contemporary woman.

This season's releases feature three collections under the Label•U brand, each embodying a different aesthetic.

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B2B Cooperation

We provides flexibility in our service and can cater to many different types of business models.

Made-to-Measure whereby each single garment is manufactured with measurements specific to an individual customer.

Made-to-Order, which are small (or large) batches of custom designs. 

Ready-to-Wear collection, so you can start proving your customers with ready-made designs immediately.


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