Kutesmart | From Clothing to Unlimited Possibility

Kutesmart | From Clothing to Unlimited Possibility

KUTESMART's predecessor is Qingdao Red Collar Group, which was established in 1995. In the 1990s, Red Collar was a well-known clothing brand in Qingdao, and its advanced operations, such as inviting celebrity endorsement and tailor-made appearance clothes for Olympic athletes, have branded this enterprise with the marks of fashion and innovation.


After entering the 21st century, KUTESMART has taken the initiative to focus on the field of "Internet + Industry", integrating the Internet, IoT and other information technology into large-scale production, and realizing personalized flexible manufacturing by driving the factory assembly line with the big data of users' demands, so as to manufacture completely different personalized products in terms of shape, style and fabric on one industrial assembly line. In this way, we can break the shackles of traditional production mode.


KUTESMART has established four databases of pattern, style, fabric and BOM, reaching trillions of trillions of data, which can meet 99.99% of human body personalization needs. Self-developed patented measuring tools and measuring methods, collecting 22 sizes of 19 parts of the human body, and using 3D laser measuring instruments to achieve automatic collection of human body data within 7 seconds, solving the problem of automatic intelligent docking and transformation with the production system. The input of user body shape data drives the synchronous change of nearly 10,000 data in the system, which can meet the customization of 113 special body shape features such as hunchback, convex belly and drop hip, covering the user's personalized design needs.
Thanks to the big data drive, KUTESMART has realized the ability to manufacture personalized products with industrial means, efficiency and cost. Compared with the traditional customization factory's production cycle of one month or even longer, we can deliver in only 7 working days.
KUTESMART is no longer a traditional manufacturing enterprise, behind “ the similar product", the driving force is the power of data that cannot be inspected with the eyes.


From ready-to-wear to customization, from industrialization to personalization, from simple repetition to intelligent manufacturing, KUTESMART is expanding on the road of garment customization, moreover, it is vigorously expanding in the business of career wear and clothing brand market business sectors. The future KUTESMART will no longer be a simple garment enterprise, but an industrial internet ecosystem with multiple brands and business sectors.

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